Ever wanted to be a Sports Agent, well now here’s your chance with one of Australia’s leading and experienced Agents.

Learn the industry and gain valuable experience in landing your dream job and become a Talent Scout in your spare time and earn EXTRA CASH whilst having fun watching Sports, What could be easier !!

Imagine being the first person to spot the talent of a top athlete before their Sporting Career even started.

- Think you have what it takes to identify someone with

   exceptional talent and potential.

- Do you have a good network of friends, family,

  coaches, teachers etc  that can provide you with a

  ‘TIP” of a young Sporting Talent in the making before

  anyone else knows.

This is a UNIQUE opportunity to break into the industry with limited opportunities being offered in this closed environment.

A number of sports are being injected with a massive input of funds and potential future player earnings that you can benefit from. Why don’t you take advantage of the timing now and take your slice of the pie.

Realistically, there are only a small amount of Talent Scouts working full-time. Usually scouting is not described as a career with most scouts working around their own schedule travelling to find the next big talent using their free time to recruit athletes. Scouting has grown in both stature and importance.

To be a successful Scout, it will assist if you have knowledge of the Sport and attend regular games or events to evaluate potential talents first hand to provide you with a comparison of other athletes at the same age or level but not necessarily essential.

You may know of someone who’s children or friends are showing potential or even talking with someone socially may provide you with an important lead of a future sporting star.

We provide further unique valuable information to our ‘Talent Scouts’ to assist in identifying Talent and essential tips of the trade to assist you in becoming successful.

This information can only be accessed through our exclusive 'Talent Scout Only' area  on our Website by entering a unique Code.

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MEMBERS ONLY EXCLUSIVE  WEBSITE ACCESS for 'Talent Scouts' with privlidged information to Games,

Carnivals & Event Schedules, Tips on Scouting and Building your Network.

We have Two (2) Classes of ‘Talent Scout’ Positions Available to suit your involvement.



- Pass on Information of a Sporting Talent you have Identified or know of.

- 'Talent Scout' Certificate with Company Wax Seal with your Name and Individual Talent Identification Number.

- Sports Agents Australia Cap.

- Personal Sports Agents Australia Talent Scout

  Business Cards x 250.

- Secret Identification Tips for Scouting, Building your 

  Network and becoming a Sports Agent.

- Exclusive Event Schedules to attend

- Code Of Conduct 

- Strict Protocols To Follow.

- Athlete Identification Sheets.

* Earn 15 % Commission

                                      Cost                                $   105.00
                                      Postage                         $    Free


                               TOTAL                   $  105.00



- Simply pass on Contact Information of a Sporting Talent you have Identified or know of.

- Individual Talent Identification Number


* Earn 3 % Commission


                            TOTAL                       $  Nil


Simply send us an Email with your Name and we will forward you an Information Sheet to Complete.

Sports Agents Australia Cap

-   $25 Delivered

Note : These Positions are Strictly 'Talent Scout' Positions Only to Identify Talent and do not involve any representation of the Player whatsoever and do not allow you to make any Contact with Clubs.


These boundaries are clear and precise that you are only identifying talent and not assisting them in any way at all with life or football decisions or promoting a player in any way . This can only be done by an Accredited Agent. There are Strict Protocols and Codes Of Conduct in place and provided to you that must be followed to protect under age athletes and Accreditation Schemes. Failure to adhere to these Rules result in immediate Termination.


to take you to Paypal Account to be Deposited​

PAYMENT  - Paypal

Please send us and Email confirming your Payment details and we

will send out your Package and important information within 14- 21 days.


(Don’t have a Paypal Account then go to this Link PAYPAL to sign up.)

Once Payment is received, a Package will be Emailed to you with an Information Sheet

to Complete and a Talent Scout Agreement that needs to be Signed.

You are then required to return these Documents to us so we can arrange for your Business Cards,

Certificate and remaining Documents to be sent then you are officially a Talent Scout for Sports Agents Australia Pty Ltd.

Should you not wish to return the Agreement, the Fee is non-refundable.



* NOTE : All Commissions are Paid and calculated on the Net Commission received by Sports Agents Australia once the Commission has been fully received for each the Contract Years.