- Negotiation of Client's Contract

(including base,incentives and bonus's) 

ensuring the best outcome is obtained and packaged to suit the Client's individual requirements.

-    Commercial / Corporate 

Negotiation of Endorsement and Sponsorship Contracts / Agreements "We maximise the commercial potential of the Client actively seeking further opportunities providing Media Exposure to create awareness and generate interest"

-    Marketing And Sponsorship Opportunities 
Looking to get behind the Team you support and assist
Financially and want Value for your money. 
Please call us for a Confidential discussion to get your Company

Name and Brand exposed on the best Terms for you"

-    Event Management
"Organise and Run your Events , Provide Auctioneer and MC "

-   Lifestyle Management
 Assist the Client in managing day to day activities allowing you to focus on and dedicate the time for your Sport"

Through our strong network of Professionals specializing in excellence :

-    Financial Services

-    Legal Services

-    Strength, Conditioning & Skills Training

-    Counselling


-    Resume's

Our expert and experienced associates provide the best career and post career advice.These associates are specialised in assisting Sport Athletes and know the ins & outs to maximise your earnings.

We work closely with each of our athletes to ensure a successful career both on and off the filed.

We have the knowledge and skills for you to prosper during and after their sporting career.