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Steve DEACON (Managing Director) has been Accredited with both the NRL and the Rugby Union since their inception and is



The modern game has evolved and professionalism starts in the juniors ranks with Clubs now offering Contracts to the youth from an early age with a greater need for a Player Manager.

Dealing with Clubs on a regular basis, we are familiar with player's 'values' and we take over the negotiations for you and ensure that the player is payed as he deserves.

Many Agents 'mass sign' players  hoping they may become successful one day and most clients are neglected in some way or another.


Do your own Background Checks on the Agent and as well as the Owner of the Company. Simply "GOOGLE" their Names and see if they have been in trouble with the Police and if you want your Child or yourself represented by them.

Our professional approach with Clubs has gained us a strong association with them achieving the results for our Clients.

We provide the direction and advice both on and off field to assist in achieving your goals.

If you are approached by an Agent to be represented or represent your son, ask to look at their FULL LIST of players they have Signed to the Company, not just the ones off Contract or Contracted to a Club.