Latrell Front Dive
SD NRL trophy
Nat Butcher pass
Dave Fifita Billy Slater
Campbell Graham
Emre SOO Trophy
Jake Hazard Origin
Tesi Niu
Egan Souths
Bailey Hayward Award
Kobe Trophy
Wellington PG SD_edited
Nat 9s
Latrell Diving
Latrell Ascic 7.6.16
Brendan NSWSOO
Shaq bust v storm 18.4.15_edited


​In a fiercely competitive industry influenced by television, sponsorship and business, there has never been a greater need for the professional sportsperson to be represented by a quality and experienced Sports Agent.

Our purpose, is to not only provide the best advice and support during the athletes career but add significant value to our Client’s financial future through the wisdom and experience of our firm.

We actively promote our Client’s to competing bodies to generate interest and create awareness for increased Contract negotiations and endorsement opportunities.

Your performance on the field can dictate your future and so can your performances off field. Under the scrutiny of the media and public, your reputation can change over night, therefore it is paramount that you are guided and represented by a team with experience, knowledge and the 'time' to dedicate to YOU !

With any sportsperson, you are competing with others and need to be promoted elsewhere and are not left behind.


Before you Select an Agent, do some background checks,  Google their Name

(You'll be surprised what  you may find )  Ask How Many Clients do they have.

For more information on what Sports Agents Australia Pty Ltd can do for you please Contact us  on 1300 ADD VALUE

to start preparing for your future now !          Your Future is our concern.